Dish washer Machine

Quick Overview

TS-103 Dish Washer machine
Stainless steel heavy duty Dish Washer Machine Control buttons on both sides,Metal inox wash & rinse arms, Can be installed in a corner or straight run (if equipped with optional service tables) Built-in rinse-aid dispenser “Continuous wash” feature, Description : Dishwasher basket 500x500mm,
External dims.: W650 D1540 H785 mm, Body structure: Double/Single Inbox Basket: Square 500×500 mm,
Door clearance: 400 mm,Cycle length: 2.5 min, Power supply: 380V 5 0hz 7.2kw, Electro pump: 0,75 kw,Tank element: 6000 w,Boiler element: 6000 w,  Max power abs.: 7200 w
Made in ITALY,   Brand: Teikos.